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TheScrapPrincess 09-04-2006 07:43 PM

Treasure Chest Box
Supplies needed:
A shoebox
Tempera paint
Sturdy tape
Optional - string or yarn

Paint the box and the lid the same color. Let the paint dry.
Using another color, paint treasure-chest like decorations on your box (like straps and a place for a lock) . Or you can glue on construction paper. Let the paint dry.
Paint in the final decorations (like a keyhole).
Let the paint dry.

Using sturdy tape, attach the lid to the box (put the tape on the inside of the box and lid).
Add any final decorations, like a two short pieces of yarn glued to the box and the lid; they can be used to tie your treasure chest shut.
You can now fill your treasure chest with goodies for a great treasure hunt.

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