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mscindy 06-21-2007 12:48 PM

dried up markers
Don't throw 'em away! They are awesome dipped in water-kind of like water color painting, but with the control of the marker. They eventually will run out of "juice", but I promise your kids will love them!-It's even a fun outside drawing project-leave the mess outside! (y'know those kids usually end up tipping over their water cups!)

Sunshine Mom 06-21-2007 01:14 PM

Wow...never thought of that. We just bought some of those watercolor books, that have the paint on the page and you just use water. This is perfect!

vanilagrl 06-22-2007 04:13 AM

lol, I have to admit, I do this, and kids don't know they are drawing with dried out and they last a little more like this. and of course at 99cents, why

babyofmine 04-04-2008 03:52 PM

what a fantastic idea! :D

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