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clallen 09-08-2006 10:10 PM

kitchen utensil holder
materials needed:
Empty, Clean, Round Container (Pringles, Oatmeal, Stovetop Stuffing, etc.)
Craft Sticks
Wallpaper Sample
Low Temp Glue Gun
Tacky Glue

Cover container with two rows of craft sticks. Depending upon the size of the container, the top row may extend beyond the top of the container. If your container is taller than the two rows, line up ends of sticks with top and bottom of container leaving a gap around the middle.

Choose a wallpaper sample that will look nice in Mom's kitchen. Cut three strips to fit around the container. Use tacky glue to secure one around the top, one around the bottom, and one around the middle.

you can use colored construction paper if wallpaper samples aren't available.

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