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jhankerson10 09-07-2006 06:01 PM

Toilet Paper Roll Caterpillar
This is a simple three dimensional craft that is easy and fun for children to make and play with. Older children can cut the toilet paper rolls in half for more "joints" in their caterpillar. Younger children will want to leave the toilet paper rolls whole as it can be tough to cut them.

three or four toilet paper rolls (or a paper towel roll)
construction paper
hole punch
string, wool or ribbon

Optional: wiggly eyes


Optional: Cut each toilet paper roll in half so you have twice as many, shorter tubes

Glue a piece of construction paper to each tube. You can use all one color or you can make a multi colored caterpillar (good colors practice).

Punch a hole at the front and back (two holes) in all but two of the tubes.
Those two will be the head and the tail.

Punch just one hole in these two tubes

Thread a piece of string or wool through the holes of each tube (like you're sewing them together).
Tie off the string at the head and tail.

Don't make the string too tight or your caterpillar won't wiggle.

Decorate your caterpillar further with sticker polka dots, marker, paint, etc.


Cut two thin strips of construction paper from yellow paper and curl around the end of a pencil

Fold a small tab at the end of each and glue it onto the head (the front tube)


Glue on wiggly eyes or draw eyes on with a marker

or cut eyes out of white construction paper and draw an eyeball in the middle of each with a black marker

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