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toneshia2 02-14-2007 11:04 AM

caramel apples
these treats are wonderful and fun to will need your parents help to make the delicious will need soft chewy caramel and 4 granny smith apples.i buy the square caramels in the pack and they already have the sticks in have to melt the caramel in a small broiler with 2 cups of sugar,until the caramel becomes a little soft like a sponge bob square pants.:) .meanwhile place the sticks on the bottom of the apple and place them in the frezzer.when you are done with the caramel.take the apples out of the frezzer and dip them into the caramel.while make a circle motion with the apple with dipping in the on none stick cookie sheet and replace back in the frezzer for 30 minutes,;) .and wala you have one of the best caramel apples,because it was an adventure with you parent.

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