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Smile Girl Scouts

I use to be a leader when my daughter was in school. Iloved it! I remember going out camping at first! The first time it ended up socold I got really sick and the girls razzed me for quite sometime. But I learned alot of great things with the girls. It was nice to see the girls be "positive" and have leadership skills and confidence! I tried to build their confidence and to this day I hope I helped them become "leaders" making good choices! Then I had 25 girls! I came up with alot of crafts that were so inexpensive! Especially Christmas crafts because there was so many. And I look forward to posting them so many can use the ideas!
I also tried to influence them to be good to their family members and Mother's Day mom got a handmade gift..same as Dads day! When we did fundraisers I tried to use the money to help the less fortunate ones. We had "extra Uniforms" donated also. I took them to the zoo one time to find out that only half had ever been there and they were 10 and 11 year olds so that was nice! It also brings you and your daughter a lot closer..quality time with mom too!
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