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Default Butterfly Paper Chain Craft

This is a fun, simple craft for all ages. It's also a good project for practicing making patterns.


2 pieces of white paper or construction paper
paint in various colors
construction paper (2 or 3 colors)
scotch tape or glue
wiggly eyes (optional)
black marker



Set one piece of white paper out on the table.

Squeeze splotches of different paint colors onto the white paper in a few different spots

Place the second sheet of white paper over top of the first so all the edges line up

Smoosh your hands over the paper to spread out the paint that's sandwiched between the pieces. You might want a piece of newspaper underneath in case any paint oozes out the sides

Peel the pieces of paper apart and set aside to dry (you should have two pieces that are mirror images of each other

Once the paint is dry, put them back together face to face (paint side to paint side) again.

Cut a rough wing shape out of the pages.

Take them apart again and tape the pages together so you have wings for your butterfly

You can paint around the outside edge of the wings with glitter glue or one of the paint colors you used for the wings.

Cut about 8 strips of construction paper 2 inches wide and 10 inches long

Decide what type of pattern you want to make. We made a pink, purple, pink, purple... pattern for ours.

Make your first strip of construction paper into a ring and tape or glue it together

Slide your next strip of construction paper through the ring and tape or glue it into a ring

Repeat the process until you have a chain of construction paper rings just a little bit longer than your wings.

Lay your chain onto your wings

Every spot the chain lies flat on the wings, use tape or glue to attach them.


Cut two 1/4 inch by 5 inch pieces of construction paper.
Wrap each around a pencil to make it curly
Fold a tab at the bottom of each piece
Glue the tabs onto the top of the head to make two antennas


glue wiggly eyes onto the front of the head
draw two eyes onto the front of the head with a marker


draw a mouth onto the front of the head with a marker
Julie Hankerson
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