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My son will finally be entering Middle School this year. He was retained in Kindergarden and third grade. In second grade, they finally gave in to my hounding that he needed extra help and he started to get it, until the migrants came and they "need help more then he did". He should have failed 3rd again and 4th and 5th but since he had already been held back twice, he had a free ride until this coming school year (which starts in 18 days!!!). We did change schools and they did testing on him and learned he has a processing learning disability. Even though we found something that helped him read... light green sunglasses kept the words from jumping off the page and improved his reading level almost overnight (1.2 to 2.9 in third grade 2nd time around), he was teased about wearing them and stopped wearing them. I had even spoken and emailed each teacher to remind them the glasses may not be prescribtion, but HE NEEDED them to read. His Social Studies teacher wouldn't let him wear them and since he was being teased without end, even when I finally got it through her thick head that it was neccasary and had the paper work with his special needs teacher to prove it, he would wear them.

If I could move them to private school, I would have already done it.
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