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Smile Ministry

I help in an inner city ministry that helps homeless families and needy families. We try to help them turn things around. We do many things. Fridays are youth and there is always something fun to do! They also are showed they are loved very much! Then they share that with the other children! At first it can be rough but you would not believe how it helps them to be great kids! We do things that most have never got to. We take them rollerskating, swimming, picnics, dramas, bonfires, blockparties and then more even join!
I have seen teens who were really trying to be tough...then they learn about love and God! Most of their friends are gangs..sad but true. But our youth pull their friends in! We make sure theyhave clothing, food, and other necessities such as right now I am getting school supplies together for them! The hug..the smile..makes the greatest rewards! That hug is more than a million dollars!
I know this group may not be what you were thinking but it is a great group..called Abundant Life Harvest...where love keeps flowing!!! I hope many other groups like this can be done in various areas..for the children's sakes!!
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