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Default My Favorite Childhood Memory

My favorite childhood memory happened the year before my youngest brother was born. There was already 3 of us ranging in age from 5 to 2 and my mother took the summer off from work to spend time with us. She was great and very loving and made sure that we had fun every day. Many days we would take a picnic lunch to the lake and swim for the day. Other days she would invite the neighbor's kids over (we lived in a trailer park and there were lots of kids) and we would have scavenger hunts and Easter egg hunts (even though it wasn't Easter but we all loved looking for the eggs) and eveyone would get treats at the end. There were a few weekends, that would start on thursday, when she would take the camper, us 3 kids and head for the nearest camping area and my father would commute back and forth to work until the weekend when he could stay the day with us. That was the last time that we really spent that kind of time with our mother because she always had to work hard to make money for 4 kids and a new house, etc.
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