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I am a foster mom so it really depends on the ages of the kids involved and their unique backgrounds as to how I would react. IF it sounds like they are not going to resolve the issue on their own then I step in before the first physical confrontation. By listening out of sight I can usually tell whether or not any of the lessons I have been trying to teach them has started to sink in. I was a hot head kid so I am aware how fast things can turn physical. I generally take away anything that is beening argued over, put the kids involved in time out, if a sincere is not given later, then we work together until I hear friendly exchanges betweeen those that had been fighting. There is no avoiding each other. In day to day living such as the workplace or school there is no avoiding the other person so if the kids have a project they have to work together on such as making a bed, a salad, they have to talk to each other, etc. It has worked out well for me and them.
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