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Talking School Friends Address Book

What You Need

Yellow foam journal
Foam sticker letters
2 large black foam circles (about half dollar size)
2 medium yellow foam circles (about nickel sized)
Scrap foam in red, orange and white
Foam squares in colors of your choice for letter tabs
White craft glue
Black Sharpie marker


Arrange letters on the front of the journal to spell out “School Friends.”
Once you have them where you want them, remove the sticker backs and adhere to the journal. Alternatively, you can use foam letters that are not stickers and simply glue them on.
Glue black circles to the bottom edge of the journal front, leaving about 1 ˝ - 2 inches between the circles.
Glue yellow circles on to the black circles as hub caps.
Using the Sharpie, draw a simple bus shape onto the journal using the “tires” as your guide.
Decorate the bus using a scrap of red square and small scrap of orange for the tail light, and half of a white circle for the headlight. Use a small square scrap of orange for the front turn signal if you like.
Cut a stop sign from red foam, or you can purchase a foam stop sign at your local craft store.
Using colorful square foam shapes and a black Sharpie, create the tabs for your address book.
Glue to every second or third page, depending on the number of pages in your book.

Helpful hints:

For the tabs, we did two letters per square, and more letters per square for those that are used less frequently (such as Q and X).
Foam letters and shapes are available in large economy type tubs. They can be found in discount department stores such as Wal Mart and Target, though the selection is much larger at a craft supply store such as Michael’s.
Be sure that you arrange the letters on the journal cover before removing the sticker backs or gluing the foam letters in place.
If you are unsure about drawing the bus on the journal, use a piece of scratch paper to practice first.
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