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Default Paper-Mâché Spider

Supplies needed:
A round balloon
Flour and water
A pan and a stirrer
Aluminum foil
Hot glue
Black tempera paint
Paint brush
Googly eyes (optional)

Paper-Mâché Glue (have adults make this part): Make a simple, thin glue from flour and water. Mix 1/2 cup of flour into 1/2 cup of water until the mixture is thin and runny. Stir into 2 cups of boiling water (the heating gives the glue a nice consistency, but is not necessary). Simmer for about 3 minutes, then cool.

Tear a lot of newpaper into strips. Strips should be about 1 inch wide; the length doesn't really matter.

Blow up and tie a round balloon for each child.
Work on scraps of newspaper.

Dip a strip of paper in the flour glue, wipe off the excess, and wrap the strip around the balloon. Cover the entire top of the balloon.

Have at least two or three layers surrounding the balloon. Let it dry (at least overnight) after each layer.

Let the balloon dry completely (it may take a few days). Pop the balloon and separates it from the outer paper-mâché skin. Throw the torn balloon away

Make 8 legs from aluminum foil. For each leg, start with a sheet of foil about a foot long. Crumble or roll it into a leg-like shape.
Hot glue the legs onto the spider. Let the glue set.

Paint the spider black (don't paint the legs). Let the paint dry.
Paint two white or red eyes on the spider (or glue on googly eyes).

You can either put the spider on a table or hang it from the ceiling from fishing line to make a scary Halloween decoration.
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