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Default Little Handprints Tree

Supplies needed:
A lot of green construction paper
A piece of brown construction paper (for the tree trunk)
A piece of yellow construction paper (for the star)
A large piece of brown paper (or use another color)
Optional: Glitter, glitter glue, or paper ornaments to glue on the tree

Trace the child's hand on a piece of green construction paper.
Cut out the hand print. Fold the wrist over. Make a lot of paper hands.

Draw a tree shape on a large piece of paper.
Cut out a small rectangle of dark brown paper (this will be the tree trunk).
Glue the rectangle below the tree.

Glue the hand prints together in a tree shape, gluing the folded part of the wrist to the background. Start at the bottom of the tree. Starting with the second row, make the fingers overlap the next hand a little bit.
Cut out a yellow star for the top of the tree. Glue it on the tree.
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