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Default Beaded Bunny

These are cute as pendants or as ornaments on an Easter tree. It might seem like a lot of steps but they're SO easy. Have fun!

Though a short holiday, Easter has fond memories for most: egg decorating, baskets of goodies, and Easter egg hunts are just a few activities many people do this time of year. Here is a super quick project that can be added to the list.

You’ll need:

1 10mm bead
1 12mm bead
craft wire (about 12 in. of 24 gage)
40 seed beads
wire cutters
round nosed pliers

1. Cut two 6 in. pieces of craft wire.

2. Holding the wire together, use round nosed pliers to curl the ends.

3. Thread both wires through the 12mm and then 8mm beads and press the curled end against the bottom of the 12mm bead.

4. Holding the two beads so the wire doesn’t slip out, separate the two wires.

5. Slip 20 seed beads onto one wire.

6. Bend the wire with the seed beads in the middle o f the 20 beads so you have 10 beads, a bend, and 10 more beads.

7. Now wrap the excess wire (that has the seed beads) around itself a few times. You’ll see this forms a bunny ear. Cut off any extra wire from this ear.

8. Repeat steps 4-8 for the other ear.

9. Spread the ears away from each other a little and slightly bend one to make it look cute.

10. To make this into a pendant, just warp a little craft wire around the base of the ears and make a loop so you create a bale.

This same design could easily be adapted into earring size bunnies by just using smaller beads for the head and body and fewer seed beads for the ears.
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