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Old 09-04-2006, 02:22 PM
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Default See through window pictures

I know there is a proper word for these but I am not sure what. When finished you have a picture which you can hang on the window and when the light shines through the colours the room lights up.

Find an easy picture or a stencil
Some coloured card
Wrapping papers or sweets (the kind that are coloured and see through.
Paper glue

Take two sheets of coloured card.
Trace or stencil the picture onto both sheets.
Cut out both pictures, only the parts you want the light to shine through.
take one picture and glue the see through sweet wrappers over the holes you have just cut.
Once you have done this you can take the second picture and glue that onto the first (so that the sweet wrappers are in the middle of the two pictures and you can not see the glue).

Once dried this can now be hung with a sucker or a piece of blue tack onto the window. When the light shines through it projects the picture into the room.
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