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6 Facts About Cats

Here are six interesting facts about cats that you can impress your friends with!

How Many Breeds of Cat are there?

How many breeds of cats there are in the world depends on who you ask! There are different ‘clubs’ all over the world that recognize different numbers of species. For example, the USA’s cat registration body, the Cat Fancier’s Association, recognizes 44 breeds. In the UK, the cat registration body is the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and they recognize 40 species. It is difficult to get an exact number of cat breeds, as they are hard to classify. The majority of cats are a mixture of breeds and are therefore not ‘purebred’ cats, and most cats do not have any purebred lineage at all.

Who is the Oldest Cat?

Currently, the oldest cat’s record is held by a cat called Creme Puff from Texas, USA. Born in 1967, Creme Puff lived until 2005, making him 38 years old. Interestingly, the previous cat to hold the record, Grandpa Rex Allen, was owned by the same person as Creme Puff. On average, domestic cats can live for around 16 years, but this is affected by a huge number of factors, including breed, health, lifestyle, and diet.

What is the Biggest Cat Breed?

As it is hard to classify different cat breeds, it is difficult to know which is the largest. One of the largest breeds of domestic cats is the Norwegian Forest Cat. These cats can take up to 5 years to grow to their full size and weigh up to 20 pounds. Other large cat breeds include Maine Coon, Ragamuffin, British Shorthair, and Bengal cats. The longest cat ever was a Maine Coon named Stewie, who was 123cm long.

How do You Care for a Kitten?

When you get a kitten, they need vaccinations and medical exams just like a human! Regularly taking your cat to the vet for check-ups is very important throughout its life, and using a using a vet such as these vets in Morristown can help you keep your kitten or cat as healthy and happy as possible. Cats and kittens require lots of medical care to make sure they are healthy, such as vaccinations, heartworm exams, and flea and tick treatments.

Famous Cats

There are plenty of famous cats around the world, and you may have seen many of them on the internet. The cat with the most followers on Instagram is a Siamese/tabby mix called Nala, who has over 4 million followers. Another famous internet cat is Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, and who rose to prominence on Reddit in 2012.

Cat Characters

As well as famous real-life cats, there are plenty of well-known fictional ones. From Puss in Boots to Garfield, feline characters have been a staple in books, TV, film, and art worldwide. T. S. Eliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Cats’ was adapted into a musical for the stage in 1980 and is the 4th longest-running show on Broadway.