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Birthday Invitation Design: 4 Easy Tips for Creating Invitations Your Child Will Love

Happy Birthday Invitation Designing

It’s your little one’s big day, and with all the excitement of a birthday comes the joys of planning a birthday party!

Whether your little one is five, 10, or 16, they want their party invitations to be something unique to them and their party. And as a parent, you want to choose the perfect invitations to hand out to all their friends and family.

Sure, you’ve seen the packs of party invites at the local party stores and such, but anyone can purchase those invitations. If you want to get creative while saving money, then you’ll want to create your own birthday invitation design!

Continue reading below for four tips on how to do just that.

  1. Decide on a Theme

The first step is to decide on a theme. This theme isn’t just for the invitations. We’re talking about the overall theme for the party.

It’s important that you know what the theme of the party is before designing your invites. This is because you’ll want your invites to match the birthday party’s theme. For example, if your little one decides that he or she wants a circus theme, then be sure to create invitations that represent a circus.

This gives your guests a bit of insight into what to expect from the party.

  1. Create Your Own

When deciding on your invitations, rather than buying a specific theme from a store, opt to create your own. For example, you can use Adobe Spark’s ecard for free and completely create your own design and invitation. Using a website like this allows you to have something unique to your child and their party.

You can decide on what the invitation says, where the text is placed, and more. Your little one will really love this idea because you can add their names onto the invitations.

  1. Get Original Shapes

Even though you’re already planning on being original by creating your own design, you can get even more original than that. By this point, you’re most likely thinking in your head that you have the perfect idea of what text, colors, and theme to use for your rectangular or square invite.

This is where true originality comes into play. Your invitations can take the shape of many different forms. For example, when sticking to a circus theme, your invitations can be in the shape of a circus tent or made to look like a ticket to the circus.

You can use the ticket idea for baseball theme parties, dance parties, and more. Provide each invited guest with their own ticket to the party! Invitations can be made to look like anything, there’s really no limit.

  1. Use Photos

Our last tip for designing your own birthday party invitations is to use photos. Take your favorite photograph of your little one and turn it into an invitation. Depending on what the party theme is, you can take new pictures of your child that go along with the theme and use those pictures on the invitations.

For example, if you’re having a farm party, you can dress him or her in farmer clothes or as a cowboy or cowgirl and take some fun photos. Your guests will love receiving these cute pictures, and your child will love them as well.

What’s Your Birthday Invitation Design?

What birthday invitation design will you choose for your little one’s party? When deciding to create and design your own, the options are endless. Be sure to keep these tips in mind and always include your child in the decision process.

He or she will love the idea of helping you create the perfect unique invites! And for more birthday party fun, be sure to check out what printable activities we have available for you!