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Making a Difference – Shadow Dance Troupe Catapult Teams with the YMCA

Wondering what “America’s Got Talent” season 8 competitors Catapult is up to? The shadow dance group has teamed with the YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) for a series of videos (shown below) showcasing the many ways the Y supports youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. As one of the largest non-profits in the country, the Y helps people of all ages, incomes, background and abilities learn, grow and thrive through a breadth of programs and services—many of them free of charge.

Supporting Our Neighbors:


Healthy Living:


Nurturing Potential of Today’s Youth:

Here are some of the Y programs featured in the Catapult collaboration:

  • Afterschool Programs: The Y has the largest afterschool program in the nation that focuses on safety, health, social skills and education for children, so they can learn new things and achieve academic success.
  • Chronic Illness Prevention: Healthy living is about more than just exercise, it is about overall well-being. Chronic illness prevention programs like the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program can be an invaluable resource in maintaining good health outside of a medical setting.
  •  Healthier Communities Initiatives: This Y program helps communities make changes to support healthier living opportunities for residents, from safe walking routes to bringing fresh fruit and vegetables to communities lacking healthy food options.
  • Hunger Prevention: Dedicated to helping children grow healthy and strong, the Y’s hunger prevention program delivers millions of meals to children across the country each year.
  • Family Time: The Y’s programs for families provide opportunities to deepen relationships, find new skills and interests, improve their health and well-being and connect to the community. Staying connected with the Y can help families become stronger, healthier and happier, as a family unit and as individuals.
  • Swim, Sports and Play: Being active through the Y has benefits beyond physical health, especially for children. Learning to swim boosts confidence, participating in team sports teaches the character and social skills that make good leaders, and play helps children develop healthy habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Y is more than a place, it is a cause dedicated to strengthening communities and providing opportunities for people from all walks of life to reach their full potential. Check out the Catapult videos and learn more about how the Y is making a difference at