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Skeeter Snacks – Nut Free Snacks

From one of our product review board moms:

Skeeter Snacks - Nut Free

Skeeter Snacks – Nut Free

I was recently sent a box of cookies to sample from Skeeter Snacks. Skeeter Snacks are Nut-Free snacks designed by two fathers who have children with nut allergies, who were tired of the high prices and bad taste of other nut-free cookies. Their goal was to design a product any  child would eat, that was affordable to everyone.

What I loved:

The mission of this company. It’s stellar. Having raised a child with special dietary needs, I couldn’t agree more that specialty foods need to be more palatable AND affordable. Skeeter Snacks scored major points with me immediately just because they spoke to an issue near and dear to my heart.

The Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Om Nom Nom! The texture of these are similar to that of Famous Amos cookies, and the flavor is so very yummy! Like many women, I get chocolate cravings from time to time and these cookies were just perfect to satisfy them.

Skeeter Cinnamon Grahams. On top of being nut-free, they are also whole grain, have no trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, and are all natural. Score! Even after removing all of those naughty ingredients, the grahams still tasted great. They also had this incredible crunch that seemed to speak to their healthiness.

What I would change:

I would removed High Fructose Corn Syrup from the SkeeterDoodle cookies. It wasn’t in the other products I sampled, which all tasted great! Since there is currently a lot of controversy over High Fructose Corn Syrup, I’d love to see it removed from those cookies as well.

Overall impression:

Give Skeeter Snacks a shot, whether your child has peanut allergies or not. They areaffordable, taste great, convenient, and do seem to be a healthier alternative to other commercial cookies.

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Totally Nut Free. Totally Delicious.

“Having tree-nut and peanut allergies (TPAs) is hard. So is being a parent of a kid with these allergies.

Both of us have a child with TPAs. We founded Skeeter Snacks because we couldn’t find what we were looking for on store shelves. Why was it so hard for us to find nut-free snacks that our other kids would like too? And why do most nut-free snacks taste bad and cost so much? We wanted to change that.

TPAs are a serious problem. The number of kids directly affected has more than tripled over the past fifteen years and the rate of incidence is growing. Most kids who suffer from nut allergies will not outgrow them. Most often, the allergic reaction is in the form of rashes and other skin irritations, but it can also result in anaphylaxis an extreme, often life-threatening reaction and every person (or parent) dealing with this lives with that reality.

But this isn’t an issue limited to allergy sufferers and their immediate families. Today, the prevalence of these allergies is such that most classrooms and teams have at least one person with a TPA. This means that teachers, coaches, counselors and parents of non-allergic kids have to know how to be safe because at some point, and perhaps frequently, they will be providing snacks to a group containing at least someone with TPA. We make it easy to be safe by making great tasting snacks everyone will like that are CLEARLY LABELED as safe for those with tree-nut and peanut allergies.

How complete is our commitment to making nut-free snacks? Our facilities don’t even have nut products in the vending machines in the employee lounges! Whenever you see Skeeter, the squirrel who is allergic to nuts, holding his placard, you know that the product inside is delicious and nut-safe.

While there are other products available in the broadly-defined allergen and intolerance markets, we have focused exclusively TPAs. There are three reasons for this. First, nut allergies are the most lethal, most prevalent and fastest growing food allergies. Second, schools and institutions catering to kids are already way ahead of most consumer packaged goods companies in recognizing the importance of creating nut free zones. Finally, by focusing exclusively on TPAs we can produce products that taste great and are priced in line with main-aisle brands. We don’t want to have to buy separate snacks for our other kids who don’t have allergies, and we figure our customers feel the same way. It’s very important to us that we create products that non-allergic kids will love too because we want our snacks to be an inclusive experience.

Thanks for your interest in Skeeter! Get some snacks for the whole family, playgroup, team or class!”

-Pete and Dave