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Twiztt Cookware – New Cookware to Make Cooking Easy

Twiztt Cookware

Twiztt Cookware

From one of our product review board moms:

With more and more American’s taking charge of their health, there has been a great deal of focus on the ingredients we place in our bodies. While that is important, health advocate Joan Lunden decided to take cooking healthy in a new direction. She decided to focus on what we are cooking in, not just what we are cooking. This led her to develop her line of Twiztt cookware – cookware that is both “safe and responsible.”

Highlights of Twiztt:
-Safe, eco friendly and non-toxic Thermolon ceramic coating
-Lid-Locking System
-Can go from stove to oven
-Induction friendly
-Free of PTFT and PFOA coatings

What I loved:
A “safe” non-stick pan. I am still haunted by imagines of my old Teflon pans chipping and particles going into our food. Yuck.

The performance. The fry pan I was sent cooked eggs, bacon, and sausage with no problems, and no added oils. My husband was most impressed by how it cooked our eggs. Not only were we able to achieve the elusive “over medium” hardness, but the whites had very little browning on them, making for great presentation.

What I would change:
I’d make the warning not to use cooking spray more prevalent. Yes, I’m  an idiot, and it’s my own fault I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly, but let’s face it, most people don’t. Especially when it’s something like cookware where you think you know how to use it. If you make the same mistake I did, it’s not the end of your glorious cookware experience. But it will make for a pain to get clean, unlike cleaning it every time I used it without cooking spray. Lesson learned.

About Twiztt:
Twiztt by Joan Lunden offers smart “twists” that make cooking easier and more fun for the entire family all while achieving healthy, gourmet meals.

This eco-friendly line is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, making healthy cooking faster and easier for the busy school year. Twiztt by Joan Lunden is a healthy, green and non-toxic cookware line coated with Thermolon ceramic non-stick, an innovative mineral ceramic non-stick coating, made of completely free of plastic synthetics and harmful PTFEs and PFOAs. The purpose of the line is to educate and create awareness for the everyday American consumer and the new line of cookware focuses on easier, family cooking with smart “twists” that allow for easier cutting, measuring and cooking in general for a busy lifestyle.

Many parents complain that they don’t have enough time to put healthy, gourmet meals on the dinner table during the school year. Therefore, the resort to frozen, processed or takeout meals that are unhealthy and anything but fresh.

This school year, Joan is asking parents to leave the homework to the kids and swap out your old cookware for a line that provides you ease, accessibility and fun in the kitchen.

You can find out more about Twiztt at: