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Rhonda67 03-28-2007 01:07 PM

I have a wide age range of children but the older ones never watch something the smaller ones couldn't. I have blocked many channels on our satellite and we only have one receiver so it's been pretty easy to keep out what we don't want the kids to see, and believe me, there's a LOT. PBS is a favorite channel here as well as the Food Network :D

tampip88 12-10-2007 10:47 PM

It is getting to where it is dangerous to even turn the channel. We have regular cable ~ no HBO or anything and I was switching from Nick to Disney the other night and scanned a naked man's bottom. After I got to Disney I turned on my guide and saw that it was Nip/Tuck ~ I just couldn't believe what was on regular tv ~ and what they were showing. Thank goodness my daughter wasn't paying attention!! TV makes me so mad!!

She is 10 and I watch what she watches. I am always worried what she will see ~ I do let her watch Hannah Montana, it is pretty cute for an older kids show!

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