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Smile picky eater

I have a 3 year old who does the same thing. She'll eat next to nothing for a couple of days, and then it seems when I am at my wits end and have tried everything short of icecream and cholclate, she finally eats-and really tanks up. It is so frustrating to me. Even if she is not going to eat anything-we make her a plate and have her sit with us at meal time so she understands this is a family time. Sometimes she will just pick at her plate, but, it's important to me to have "family time" at meal time. I have found that if I give her fewer sippy cup drinks before mealtime, then she eats more. If I simply let her tank up on drinks, she won't eat at all. I have also taken to putting Ovaltine in her milk for extra vitamins for those days she won't eat. I also leave out where she can reach, apples or bananas so if she wants one,she can get it herself. Hope this helps-Jenny
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