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My girls are 11 and 9, the older one is doing the "studio 2B" stuff, she is a Lone Star, working on her own with me, as there are no troops with her age group right around here. My younger one is in a mixed brownie/junior troop with about 12 girls. (Big sister COULD have joined this one, but chooses to do the Studio 2B stuff, and that has to have a troop with 11yrs and up only)

We are finishing up cookie sales, and that has been a challenge. 11 yod is trying to get enough credits to go to camp for a week, (she will be 12 in June) hubby and I finally decided we would let her go.. (she keeps bringing up how her brothers went to camp at 9 and 10 years of age.. but we tell her THEY were boys... it's different when you have daughters!!!)

Anyhow, I am registered with younger dd's troop, but don't really do a lot.
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