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Talking My 10 Answers:

1. Where would you choose to live if you could live anywhere? Black Hills of South Dakota
2. What is your favorite thing to sleep in? t-shirt
3. How many times do you eat out a month?Once if lucky
4. What is your favorite thing to bake?Lasagna & Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
5. Who are you most like in your family?My dad~Call a rose a rose!(Sure miss him)
6. What is your favorite tv show?Toss up: Gray's Anatomy & CSI's
7. Where is the last place you went on vacation?Florida
8. What is the last movie you saw in a theater?Shrek 2
9. Popcorn... buter or no butter? Butter
10. Best thing to do on a Saturday morning is......Usually working...but on that rare occassion, hanging out with my boys!!
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