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Smile marble painting-with shaving cream

My girls love making home made paper.they write stories,and poems,and notes to just about everyone. To start,use a container larger than the paper you are painting.13x9 is a good size.Glass works best.Or use a dish pan you can get at any 1.00 shop.Add the shaving foam,{the cheap kind,2for1.00}.Cover the bottom of the pan.then pick which colors you will be using.squirt small amounts all over the foam. swirl with a toothpick.Not too much as to blend the paint colors. . Add paper,face down,and move around the pan.Pull out,and drag it along one side to remove excess.Hang out side on clothesline if you have one.Or we,just clip ours to hangers.You can make all kinds of things using this technique.Have fun with it.
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