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Talking My Fondest Childhood Memory

My fondest childhood memory would have to be at Christmas time. I really looked forward to going with my mom, dad, brothers, cousins, and aunts, to pick out and cut down our own Christmas tree. We all would bundle up in our warmest clothes, and all of the kids would pile in the back of the truck, and head for the mountains. We would tread through several feet of snow to find the perfect tree, cut it down, load it in the truck, and head home where we would make hot chocolate and decorate the tree together. We all would create and paint dough ornaments every year. Many of them survived and my mother still puts them on her tree every year. I think that since we will finally be back home from the Marine Corps for the first Christmas since my youngest child was born, we are going to have to start up that tradition for my children as well.
Julie Hankerson
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