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Supporting Your Child Through Orthodontic Treatment

When your child has lost all of their baby teeth, it is common for them to require orthodontic treatment to ensure that they get a straight smile. Their adult teeth might be overcrowded or crooked, for example, and they might benefit from wearing braces or a retainer to correct this problem. As their parent, it is important that you support your child through the orthodontic process to make it as pleasant as possible and to reassure them that it will all be worth it for a perfectly straight smile that lasts a lifetime. Here are some tips for how you can support your child through orthodontic treatment.

Prepare them for their treatment

Having braces fitted can be a scary prospect for a child. They might have heard rumors from friends at school and be frightened of the process or be worried that they will suffer some ridicule afterward. Talk them through the entire process of what will happen on the day they get their braces to dispel any myths and to reassure them that having braces fitted isn’t a scary process. Your child may feel some discomfort after having their braces fitted due to the new pressure their teeth have been put under. A hot water bottle or ice pack pressed to the outside of their mouth will alleviate any discomfort, but take them back to the orthodontist if the pain persists for more than a few days.

Support them with their brushing

It is important that your child keeps up with their regular dental hygiene routine; however, cleaning teeth and braces can be tricky. Braces cover certain areas of the teeth and create extra nooks and crannies in which bacteria can hide, so it is important that your child takes extra care in brushing these spots. Kent Express Dental Supplies, at, has a range of tools that make cleaning braces easier. An interdental toothbrush, for instance, has a smaller head to clean small and awkward spaces around the braces. Encourage your child to carry a small teeth cleaning kit when they are at school so that they can quickly clean their teeth and braces after lunch.

Stock up on brace-friendly food

In the days following brace application, your child may only be able to eat soft foods that requires minimal chewing to prevent their teeth from hurting. Scrambled egg, soup, and yoghurt are great options. After a few days, when your child’s braces have settled down, they can start to eat hard foods again. However, certain foods should be avoided as much as possible throughout the duration of orthodontic treatment. Sticky foods like candy, marshmallows, and caramel can get stuck between the braces and the teeth, and be difficult to remove. If left, this can eventually lead your child to develop cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, hard foods like apples, nut, and crusty bread can damage the braces and dislodge the wires, requiring further corrective procedures that delay the overall orthodontic treatment.

Funny and Creative Present Ideas for Friends and Family

Thinking of present ideas can be a nightmare when you aren’t a particularly creative person. Truthfully, if you are buying someone the same presents every year, they probably aren’t that excited for them either. This year, why not mix it up a little by getting them something completely different and unexpected? Here are some ideas.

Baby chick

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Presents That Will Make People Laugh

If you are running out of gift ideas, why not get a gift that is sure to put a smile on somebody’s face, as these kinds of gifts are always a winner. Ideas for this include printing out and framing a funny photograph of you and them, or these hilarious smelly socks, which will be treasured because of the comedic aspect. This will make the gift something you both can look back on in years to come with fond and funny memories. It will also remind them of what a great friend you are and what a good sense of humor you have.

Making a Homemade Gift

Something important to remember when thinking of gift ideas is that they will likely be just as touched with the thought of the gift as they will be by the gift itself. Homemade gifts have a really lovely sentiment and are something that friends and family will treasure forever. A homemade gift could be something arty, such as a painting or a drawing, or a small sculpture. Alternatively, you could make them a collage of photographs for them to hang up somewhere, which makes the gift really personal to them.

Buying Someone an Experience

Getting someone an experience can be an amazing gift idea, especially as there are so many things that people may want to do but are not willing to buy for themselves. Ideas for the kinds of experiences you could buy them are days out to a spa, a ticket to the theater or a concert ticket. This way, if you don’t know what kinds of physical items they would use, instead of aimlessly buying something, you are still getting them a great gift. If you are buying for a good friend or family member, you could get yourself the experience as well as them, so their gift will be remembered as doing something with you. You could use this opportunity to help them step out of their comfort zone slightly by getting them something exciting that they would never have time to do in day to day life, such as a hot air balloon trip.

Try and think outside the box a little bit this year when buying presents for your family and friends. This makes the process of choosing presents really exciting rather than being a bore or something you dread. It will also have a great outcome since when they receive your gift, they will feel as though you truly put effort into thinking of it, rather than just getting a last-minute gift that feels really impersonal and generic.

Money-Saving Tips for Families

When you are raising a family, you will already be familiar with the impact it has on your finances. Research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that each child of an average middle-income family has around $12,980 spent on them each year. When you see this figure in black and white, it’s easy to understand why families are feeling the squeeze. – it’s 40% up from ten years ago. Ouch.

If you regularly get to the end of the month and seeing an empty bank account, you will be keen to know how you can save money. However, and this is the frustrating part, most of the advice you will have come across requires a serious lifestyle overhaul; but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Read on to find out how you can save money without having to lose the family vacation or the small luxuries that you enjoy.

Make wise leisure decisions.

The proverb all ‘work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is so relevant when you are raising a family and trying to save money. It’s exhausting and relentlessly hard work; you need to be able to switch off occasionally to avoid burnout.

You don’t have to sacrifice leisure activities, romantic dinners out, or me-time while you are saving money. You just need to be savvy about the choices you make. There are some great savings to be with a Groupon promo code for those special occasions.

Plan meals

You will have heard this a hundred times, but have you started doing it? Planning meals a week in advance not only means that you cut down on take-outs and fast foods, but you save money (and eat fewer calories!).

Be strategic with your meal planning. If you are cooking chicken on Monday, save the left-over carcass and any vegetables to make a soup for Tuesday. There is little to no waste, and you get two meals for the price of one.

Shop with intent

Shopping with intent means knowing precisely what you need to buy. Having planned your meals, you already know what purchases you need to make. Writing a shopping list stops any impulsive purchases being added to your cart.

It’s worth investing time to make sure that your shopping list has groceries for the week. Every time you go to a store to get a forgotten item, you risk overspending. That forgotten loaf can escalate!

If you can, try to shop without the children with you. Pester power is real, and another way that you can accidentally spend more money than you intend to. If childcare is an issue, consider shopping online for your groceries. Online shopping is a great way to keep control of your grocery budget.

Saving money while you are raising a family doesn’t have to make you (or them) feel deprived. Research and planning are essential for money-saving. Whether you are planning meals for the week, preparing a list of groceries to buy, or deciding where to go for a meal out, approach all the same and ask yourself, ‘how can I make money stretch further?’