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1000 Piece Puzzles That Will Challenge Your Mind

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is changing the way we do things. Many people now work from home, order groceries and have them delivered at their doorsteps, and lots more. While our stay indoors seems to prolong, we comfort ourselves with TV shows and our favorite books. But we need something more challenging to keep our brain active.

Researchers opine that challenging activities, especially puzzles, activate new segments of your brain to assist you in solving them. You can click here to read about mental exercises. If you are a regular jigsaw puzzle player, you may want to step up your game by solving more complex puzzles.

When you become an inveterate puzzle solver, you need to take up more challenging or complex games. This is because your expertise will render the basic game uninteresting. There are no “very difficult” puzzles, we only have those that are “very complex”. Keep reading to see some jigsaw puzzles that will demand everything you have got.

6 Complex Jigsaw Puzzles for You

Here are some complex puzzles to keep your brain active while at home:

1. Beverly Micro Pure White Hell

The pieces are tiny, and the complete puzzle image is pure white. That is how “hell” found its way into this very tricky game’s name. If you know any puzzle master, you can give them this “white hell” to test their strength on the board.

Usually, pros take a whole day or a week max to complete a 1000 piece puzzles, but this can keep them down for a month. So, get ready to spend more time on this board.

2. The Red Bike Puzzle by Educa Amsterdam

This game is amazing if you are up for a challenge. The white and black pieces are your battle, especially when you get to the part where you want to piece the buildings together. However, when you complete it, the result is satisfying.

You can consider framing the image. The touch of red pieces blends well with the white and black pieces. It works well on walls when you use a black frame in a room with black furniture.

3. Sharp Brain Zone’s 3D Brain Teaser (Wooden Pieces)

These wooden pieces offer an intellectual challenge for game lovers and problem solvers. It comes in a T-shape and you can spend hours of mystery and fun taking it apart and putting it back together. The game also helps in stress relief, mood relaxation, and brain stimulation.

Additionally, the game helps to build genius skills including an ability to solve problems, creative thinking, and spatial imagination. You can play it with children, students, and family members.

lines puzzle

The Lines Puzzle

4. The Lines by Bgraamiens

This is a 1000 piece for puzzle fanatics. It has different lines coming from several directions to form a whole picture. But this picture may be quite confusing, which makes the game quite complex and tough. However, it is beautiful and special in a way.

The back of each piece is marked with different English alphabets to make the work easier. This art puzzle is a fun and inexpensive way of enjoying beautiful artworks firsthand. You can use it to boost problem-solving skills, eye and hand coordination, and motor skills.

5. The Invisible and impossibly Difficult Clear Acrylic Jigsaw by Puzzle Impossible

This may just be a 144 pieces game, but the clear acrylic pieces take more brainpower to complete the game. There is no picture to assist you and it may be impossible to know which puzzle side faces up. However, the game is great for both beginners and experts.

6. Blooming Color by Bgraamiens Puzzles

This 1000 piece game is worth the time of any puzzle fanatic. Each petal has a combination of a minimum of two colors. The colors on each petal are unique; you can’t find two petals with the same color combination.

If you like to start your puzzling around the corners, you may run into trouble with Blooming Color. The shape is round and the intricate color patterns can leave you puzzled for a moment. Well, that is a good thing because researchers suggest that puzzling can boost cognition skills. You may want to check out to read about habits that can keep your brain fit.


Our brain is amazing, and we must keep it active. Activities like playing jigsaw puzzles can help to keep the brain fit. If you want challenging games, you can check out any of the games shared in this article. Keep playing and have fun!