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4 Ways To Foster Your Kid’s Interest in STEM

So your kid is showing an interest in the STEM fields, and you’re not sure what to do about it? You’ve come to the right place! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM for short) is a group of academic subjects, usually grouped together because they intertwine so much. Kids who develop an interest in science, for example, will probably have an interest in mathematics and technology at the same time, as they usually go hand in hand.

Why STEM Is Important

There has been a huge focus in recent years on getting kids interested in STEM topics, and it’s no wonder. New technologies are taking over the way the world works, and a working knowledge of technology at least will be valuable for kids in their future careers.

There are many jobs that just wouldn’t exist today if STEM subjects weren’t taken seriously. GF Laser, a metal laser cutting company from the west midlands, is just one of the many companies that use a mixture of technology, mathematics, and engineering with a heavy reliance on science to get the job done.

Getting Kids Interested in STEM

The golden rule here is not to push it, some kids just aren’t interested in STEM topics, but some absolutely thrive on them! Here are four ways you can help kids to explore STEM topics without being too forceful!

Go On A Nature Walk

Nature walks are a bit different to normal walks or hikes because they involve meticulously noting down anything kids see. You can decide to note down all bugs, the trees, or the birds; the possibilities are endless.

This gentle STEM exercise feeds into the scientific reporting side of STEM and allows kids to get really curious about their natural environment.

Build A Fort

This can be done inside or outside, and you can make the task as difficult or as easy as you like.

Get the kids to build a fort with whatever materials you let them use, be they books, duvets, sticks, trees, or rocks, and ask them questions while they’re building, building their knowledge of engineering principals.

Egg Drop

The egg drop experiment is a game that many adults played in school, but it isn’t always done in schools now, so why not let your kids try it out? Give them an un-boiled egg and a box of crafting materials, tell them they are going to be dropping the egg from a certain height, and it must not break.

This game is great for all kinds of STEM-inspired minds, and it also fosters teamwork and turn-taking too.

Do Some Kitchen Science

There are numerous kitchen experiments that kids can do easily, from the oil and water separation experiment to blowing the biggest bubbles with washing up liquid to exploring solids and liquids using cornflour and water.

For the more creative inspired kids, get them involved with different colored foods and ingredients, maybe some glitter and sequins to really jazz things up. Who said science had to be boring?