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How To Know Which Pogo Sticks Are The Best For Your Kid?

Which Pogo Sticks Are The Best For Your Kid?

kids playing on pogo sticks outside

Fun for kids on pogo sticks

Toy manufacturers have gotten creative over the years. A lot of designs were invented for all sorts of entertainment for kids. Children like to keep their time occupied by a different set of toys. One of those toys is the pogo stick. You can’t really consider it as a toy like, for instance, a Barbie doll, but it definitely provides a different sort of entertainment.

For those that don’t know what it is, here’s an explanation. A pogo stick is a device that children can hop on to and proceed to do hops around a room. If you have a kid, then they will definitely like to try one of those pogo sticks. They provide entertainment, but also physical activity. You have to use your own strength to make it hop around. Kids have loved them ever since their inventions. Click on the link for more

But don’t make the mistake of getting just any pogo stick out there. There are varieties of them that differ in price, design, and comfort. Also, you need to consider your child’s safety before you buy one. Choosing one can be quite tricky, but luckily, the Internet exists so that you would be able to research the subject much further. They are not so expensive, but when it comes to quality, don’t be shy to spend a few bucks.

Before ultimately making the decision, here are some factors that might convince you to buy a particular type. After all, your kid will thank you for it.

Attractive design

kids holding pogo sticks on the beach

Pogo stick fun at the beach

Parents know what types of designs attract children. If your kid is really young, then choosing the perfect theme on the pogo stick is quite essential. Kids shift their attention towards things that are colorful and bright. For example, if they have a favorite cartoon, then they will immediately be attracted to something that has a similar pattern design.

In situations like these, make sure that you take your child with you to choose the right one; of course, you can ask the seller about the quality of it. If you don’t like it, then offer your child an alternative.  Make up some lie why that one is not suitable for them. Hopefully, the kid will get that and move on to the next they see.

There are a lot of designs for pogo sticks. But that shouldn’t be the deciding vote. Just make sure that your child loves it no matter what. If you see them continue using it, then you’ll know you’ve made the right decision of purchasing the pogo stick. Click here.

Foam hand grips

For your kid to maintain balance, they will need to hold the grips of the pogo stick firmly. If the grips are not made from comfortable material, then your child will start complaining of redness on their hands. Not only that, but their palms will start to hurt right from the beginning.

That’s why you should consider buying one that has foam hand grips. The soft texture will provide comfort for the palms, and your child can have all the fun that they want. This is what you should consider as an advantage when buying the device. After all, your kid deserves the best there is.

Also, make sure to choose one with an anti-slip pedal design that will prevent slipping. You don’t want your kid to suffer any injuries by constantly falling on the ground. This is extremely important because, for your child to have fun, they would have to hop all the time. They can’t do that if the device slips continuously.

Durable steel frame

A durable steel frame guarantees safety and endurance. Let’s say that you buy the device, and immediately after a few uses, it breaks. This would be money spent for nothing. Don’t go for the cheapest option there is. They are cheap for a reason. What you need is a durable steel frame that will last your kid for many years to come. This also guarantees safety while jumping all the time.

If the frame is durable, then it would be able to sustain whatever weight your child currently carries. These types of pogo sticks may be pricey, but for the fun and safety of your kid, there is no high enough price. More expensive products are considered as an investment because they last longer. If something breaks and you’ve paid a good sum for it, then you can replace it. A lot of them come with warranties. There are different types of kids pogo sticks to choose from, so make sure you make the right decision.

Positive reviews

If you’re still uncertain about which type of stick to buy, then turn to recommendations from other people. This could be considered as an advantage as well. Different people’s experiences will tell you which one to buy. They have probably bought a stick for their own child, and they’ve witnessed whether their kid is pleased with it. Kids don’t usually care whether the frame is durable or the hand grips are made of foam, but you should. This way, you ensure your child’s safety.

There are a lot of pages online where you can read tons of reviews from other parents. You would be surprised at how helpful they can be. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and give your child the best there is.

Keeping Your Kids Engaged This Summer

Seeing as summer is in full effect, people want to make the most of the good weather and fun. This can especially be said about families as the summer vacation is the longest period they get with one another during the year. As great as this may be for spending quality time together as a family, it can be hard to think of ways to keep your children engaged. You may have to come up with a summer routine so that they’re not constantly bored and you stay sane too. If you are reading this article because you need some tips, continue reading below.

  • Create a Schedule

As mentioned above, creating a schedule would be the most ideal thing to do if you want to keep your kids busy. Remember, they are used to the routine that school life gives them, so keeping a flexible one could help to keep everyone occupied and help avoid boredom. You could have them do chores in the morning, activities after lunch, and then reading in the early afternoon.

Try coming up with a mix of outdoor and indoor activities so that they get a breath of fresh air and can expel their energy. Other activities could include gardening, learning new dishes, and helping with a DIY project at home. To make it even more fun, you could get them to participate in creating the schedule, so you’re sure it’s filled with activities everyone will find fun.

  • Take a Family Vacation

To fill up some of the summer and give everyone a much-needed break, why not go on vacation? If it is something your budget can do, there are family-friendly destinations all over the world that you can go to. Contrary to popular belief, Bali is a family-friendly destination, so add this mystique location to your list. You could lodge in one of the Bali villas where there’s a poolside for the kids to play in and a chef to make gourmet breakfast, so you’re off cooking duties for a while.

  • Get Them to Learn New Skills

Learning can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s outside of the classroom. Get your kids to choose a new skill they would like to learn and commit to helping them learn it on a daily or weekly basis. If they want to learn a skill that you can’t teach them, you could always get a tutor to help out or become one with YouTube.

Skills your kids could learn are a new language, playing an instrument, dancing, or a sport of their choice. Ultimately, equipping them with skills that improve their communication and critical thinking skills could go a long way.

  • Play Dates

If you have friends or family with kids, why not arrange for them to spend more time together during the summer by planning playdates? There’s the option of meeting at a park, staying indoors, or going to an activity center where they can play and engage. You could even do a few swaps so that each of you gets quiet time to recharge on some days.

Summer vacations can be rewarding and draining periods for parents. Ensure you find a balance between keeping them engaged and also keeping yourself energized and recharged.

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