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Adelaide Picture Framing Experts Share Their Tips for Perfect DIY Frames

Frame with Glitter

Picture frames are often a detail that people don’t think about too much about. But they can be quite useful and add a new dimension to any space. These can be stand-alone or hung on the wall. You can put a lot of things in frames – photos, artwork, documents, posters, collectibles like cards, autographs, or jerseys, and other stuff.

See the link below to find out what else you could frame and make unique wall decor:

You should frame every piece type of wall decor you have, to make everything look more attractive and eye-catching. Besides giving the extra aesthetic value of paintings and photos, a well-made framing will protect your memories and valuables from dust, moisture, and physical damage.

You can buy the frames you like in many places. Also, most workshops offer services not only of framing but also of making custom moulds according to your idea. Also, every carpenter can do this for you too. But if you want to give your dear memories an extra personal mark, design and make framing all by yourself.

Cheap Materials Don’t Make Cheap Frames

Whatever DIY project you have in mind, if you are a beginner, it is logical that you’ll start with cheaper supplies. If you want to express creativity by making picture frames start with materials that are easy to process. These are cardboard, plywood, old moulds that you don’t use, recycled wood material (fiberboard), and so on.

For example, you want to make a unique frame out of plywood or scrap wood. You don’t have to use power tools at all. You just need glue and some hand tools, and you can utilize some scrap woods that you found in a garage. If you know how to handle a mitre saw, table saw, sander, and other power tools, you can be even more creative in processing cheap timber to make an outstanding picture framing.

You can practice with cheap materials because you won’t be sorry to make mistakes on them. But as you get better at frame making, you’ll see that even cheaper materials can be used to make real small works of art.

With cheaper framing supplies, the rule of a thumb is to make everything as simple as possible. Details and finishing are what will make your cheaply made frame look like the one from the store. In any workshop for picture framing Adelaide, you’ll find materials of all price ranges.

Use Your Skills

The beauty of creating stuff is reflected in the freedom to make something special according to your ideas (and materials you have at disposal). Simply put, when you want to make DIY picture frames, you should do it in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

If you know to work with metal, to cut, trim, or make various shapes out of it, use it for your DIY project. You can work with sheet metal of different thicknesses, depending on the tools you use. An excellent choice is also aluminum which is cheap, easy to process, and very lightweight. Most commercial metal framings are made of this material.

Woodworking is a kind of art and fits into the concept of wall art. If this is your cup of tea and you spend all your free time processing all types of timber, use this skill to make a unique frame for your favorite photo. Depending on how good you are at woodworking, you can ‘play’ with some hand tools that will give the frame your mark. You can engrave or burn-in significant dates, events or doing some woodcut if you know how to do it.

In case no craft is your hobby, you can always buy picture framing kits. These sets contain all the necessary parts with which you can assemble the mould using the most basic hand tool. You won’t need anything but a handsaw, screwdriver and pliers (in some sets you will also get this tool).

Think Out of the (Square) Box

Think outside the box

The frames found in most houses and business premises are mostly square. This form is the easiest to make, and people prefer it because most of the artwork, photos, drawings, and everything that could be framed, is square-shaped.

Once you acquire a routine in material processing, step out of your comfort zone. Make a round, or oval framing for your photos. Use the remnants of wood from previous works, and join them into one irregular shape.

For ‘adventures’ like these, always choose materials that are easy to process, such as plywood or metal sheets. No matter how elegant and attractive hardwood looks; you’ll have a hard time to make it a shape that is not square.

Here’s a trick – make a plywood base and use veneer for finishing. That will ‘trick’ the eye of the observer, who won’t even suspect that the whole mould is made of plywood.

Make Memories Revive


One look at the photo from the summer vacation makes you teleport to the beach in just a few seconds, at least in your mind. If you keep dear memories on the wall of your room, hallway, or they stand on the fireplace, they deserve a unique framing. It should remind you of that event or the place where the photo was taken. Make sure picture glass is always clean by using the tips listed here.

For artwork or photos with a marine theme, you can enhance their framing with shells, string, or some decorative metal pins shaped like anchor or parasol. To keep camping memories always ‘fresh,’ make sure your eyes are drawn to a mould decorated with cones or nutshells. On the frame where you keep your diploma, you can put the college emblems, and so on.


If any of dear memories or valuables you have are worthy of attention, you will hang them on the wall. But if you want everyone to see and admire them, you will put them in a custom-made frame that you have, if possible, made yourself.

7 of the Best Steam Games for Kids

7 of the Best Steam Games for Kids

7 of the Best Steam Games for Kids

Did you know that 73 percent of Americans who are two years or older play video games?

If your child likes playing video games, you might be looking for some games that they can play on the computer.

Many parents are worried that video games are huge time wasters for their child, but there are some awesome games that they can learn from. The plus side is that they’ll have tons of fun playing the games and might not even realize that they’re learning while doing it.

Here are seven of the best Steam games for kids.

  1. Cities: Skylines

One of the most fun educational games on Steam is Cities: Skylines. It is a simulation game where your child must build their own city and learn how it should operate. They need to keep up with the maintenance of the city and make sure that their citizens are happy as well as healthy.

To do this they will be in charge of things like education, water supply, emergency services, and health care. This is a great way to show your child what cities in the real world have to deal with daily.

There are lots of expansion packs that have been released for this game as well to add an even more realistic feel to the game. Your child can experience universities, theme parks, concerts, or even natural disasters in their city.

  1. Minecraft

Another one of the best kid games on Steam is Minecraft. This is an open-world sandbox game and lets your child’s imagination run wild. They can essentially build anything and everything in Minecraft.

Children will use their creativity to create their own worlds within the game. They can use problem-solving to explore new depths of the game.

One reason why Minecraft is such hit or miss for some people is that it is up to the person playing the game to make it fun and exciting. You need to use your imagination and creativity to have fun in this game.

As a parent, you might also be interested in downloading the Minecraft Education Edition for your child. This is an immersive world where children can learn new things like the subjects that they’re learning in school.

  1. Freddi Fish Complete Pack

If you’re looking for Steam games for toddlers, look no further than the complete pack of the Freddi Fish games. Freddi Fish and her pal Luther go on plenty of different adventures together.

Freddi Fish needs your child’s help in solving problems. It is a point-and-click game so it can be for younger children or children that are a bit older and want to learn. Young children might need some help solving the tricky puzzles but they will get the hang of it the more that the play.

The best part is that Freddi Fish works on PC or Mac! If you’re looking for some help on mac games download for Steam, then we have you covered.

  1. Civilization VI

Civilization VI is one of the best Steam kid games for older kids because it is strongly based on strategy. Your child will become their own ruler of an empire. They must learn how to expand their cities across the map and advance their cultures along the way.

They will erect buildings, create armies, make money, and even create relationships with other leaders all around the world. Whether they decide to become friends or enemies is up to them.

World wars will surely ensue within this game so make sure that your child is prepared. Overall, your child will have a fun time building up their empire to eventually rule the world.

  1. Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure

Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure is one of the perfect games that are kid-friendly on Steam. Especially if they like princesses, then they will be transported to fairytale adventures.

Your child can meet Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Ariel on their journey to get rid of the evil in the world. They will be casting spells with a magic wand and learning along the way.

There are plenty of quests and mini-games throughout this game for your child. They can also have fun dressing their character in different outfits, tiaras, and accessories. They will even be thrilled to meet their favorite Disney characters.

  1. Putty Pals

Putty Pals is a game that you need two players for meaning you can play with your child! You will work together through a series of levels and solve problems to make it to the finish line.

You both will have to use your communication skills to swing, jump, and avoid danger to uncover hidden secrets throughout each level.

It is a cute game that isn’t too hard for the younger generation but parents will still have fun playing along. This is a colorful game that will have the two of you laughing together the whole time.

  1. Lego City Undercover

There are plenty of kid games on Steam but Lego City Undercover is one that your child will be sure to love. They get to play as a lego police officer who must go undercover and find a criminal somewhere in the city.

This is an open-world game that gives your child plenty of time to let their imagination run wild.

Lego City Undercover is packed with a fun story where your child can drive vehicles, find collectibles, explore different cities, and even bust car thieves. They will have a blast playing this game.

Download the Best Steam Games for Kids

Video games have improved the way that kids learn significantly over the years. There are plenty of best Steam games for kids that can help teach them tons of different things. However, the number one thing is that they are going to have fun while playing on the computer.

Be sure to bookmark our page and keep coming back for more awesome advice on activities for your kids!

Five ways to keep your kids engaged through a summer of Coronavirus

With the on-going Coronavirus pandemic keeping us all at home and severely limiting travel options, keeping your kids amused has never been more challenging.

Thankfully there are several real-world and virtual-world options available to both educate and entertain your little terrors through this, the most unique of summers.

Get outside

While traveling any significant distance from home is inadvisable right now, that doesn’t mean you have to just stay indoors. If you have access to one, a garden provides a perfectly safe environment for play – whether that be for soccer, skipping games, hide and seek, tag or even building an obstacle course. There are endless options for keeping kids (old and young) engaged and interested. Walking outdoors, in parks or on trails is also good for exercise will help fill a couple of hours. So long as you keep the prescribed social distance, there’s no problem with being outside.

Make screen time active

There’s a huge range of YouTube channels dedicated to kids’ fitness, and their popularity has skyrocketed through the lockdown. These sites and channels have become invaluable as we all struggle to find ways to keep active indoors (while juggling working from home and homeschooling). Check out sites like GoNoodle which feature a library of entertaining kids games and make exercise fun and engaging.


With travel restrictions in place, the types of trips that we can take this summer are limited and stay at home holidays (staycations) are going to be popular this year. There’s something great about bundling everything into the car and heading off for an adventure, a little closer to home.

Camping trips are a fun family holiday and offer the ultimate flexibility of being able to take everything with you. Even just setting up a tent in the garden can be a fun way for the kids to spend an evening – a big adventure in a small space. Check out The Geek for some great tips, equipment and ideas.

Play brain games

There is a huge range of online brain games for kids that can be played on a laptop or desktop and which will keep your kids mentally challenged for hours. Android and Apple apps are also a good way to keep kids amused – though they are perhaps a little less social than playing along together on a larger screen.

Go for a bike ride

Cycling has never been more popular than through lockdown. Families the world over are getting out on their bikes and rediscovering the joys of pedal power. With the collective stay-at-home adherence, the roads have also become significantly quieter, making cycling both safer and more enjoyable. Get out on the road or to the park with your family rediscover the joys

Keeping your kids active through coronavirus isn’t just a case of physical exercise – their brains need stimulation too. The best options combine a healthy mix of brain and body stimuli to keep your children engaged, active and entertained.

Using the above ideas, you should find your children are worn out come bedtime – allowing you some much-earned R&R time. Indeed, you’ll likely find it’s not just the kids that need a rest!