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Cheap Play: Smart Ways to Save Money on Video Games

Gamers have plenty of ‘game,’ but most don’t have plenty to spend on the newest and ‘hottest’ titles, systems, and accessories.  Top scorers couple online cred with off and online savings.  Consider the following ways tosave on games.

Online Coupons

You spend the majority of the day online yet never consider searching for available coupons and savings.  Sites are offering thousands of coupons are a shopper’s best friend.  If you’re paying full price for gaming needs, press the reset button and proceed.

Group Deals

You have six-thousand online friends, so why not ask them to form a federation to save the galaxy…no, start with saving money on games.  Contact manufacturers or retailers and inquire about getting cash back in exchange for gathering friends to make a respective purchases.

There is power in numbers; turn online enemies into allies, saving big on games and accessories.

Work It Off

Work for a manufacturer or gaming retailer, earning extra wages and employee discounts.  Stay connected offline with people who share a passion for gaming.  Plus, be among the first to learn of new releases and associated news.

Earn money while paying less for the best titles – that’s playing smart.

Camp-Out for Sales

Some camp-out for sales; literally sleeping outside retail stores for huge savings.  If establishing short-term residency out side of Best Buy is not your thing, set alerts on major search engines.

Google Alerts will send an email after you specify interest in ‘electronics coupons,’ ‘iPhone savings,’ ‘Toshiba rebates,’ and terms associated to personal interest.

Camp-out for sales literally or figuratively using online tools.  Stay in the know, even if you don’t want to stay in line outside retail store doors.

Buy Used

CheckCraigslist, Ebay, and other platforms populated with people who want to get rid of old and hardly-used merchandise for cheap.  If you don’t mind buying second rate you can be a first-rate saver when it comes to dated systems and older titles.  At times, people get items for gifts, don’t want them, and offer them at a bargain to those who do.

Borrow from Friends

Downloading materials from friends is illegal in some circumstances, but traditionally,  law dogs stay clear of friends who exchange hardware and software for personal entertainment not mass profit.

Begin an email list or blog to generate interest.  Alternatively, start an on or offline ‘library’ where people borrow and exchange titles.  Just one person has to invest in a game while all can share.  Finding interested parties could be as simple as posting a flyer at a game store or local coffee shop.

Shop Offline, Buy Online

Experience games; discuss differences in systems with in-store employees; and visit brick-and-mortar stores for information but buy online.  Online retailers escape in-store costs of employees, utilities, rent, etc.  Also, contact manufacturers directly, seeking wholesale, not retail price tags.

Amazon’s smart phone, the Fire phone, operates the Firefly application; shoppers scan in-store items, instantly shadowing the shopping experience on Amazon’s digital marketplace.  Buy and have items sent (free of shipping) straight from your phone.


Michelle Abbott has a great mind for budgeting and entertainment. She believes every person has the right and ability to enjoy life, so she frequently blogs about the ins and outs to entertainment even on a tight budget.