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Tips for Room Sound Insulation and Curtains for Soundproofing

Girl Covering Ears

Sound bothering you?

If you live in clustered apartments, you might want to block the noises coming from all around you. You can read more about typical noise problems in this site here. Some apartments have thin walls that you can hear what your neighbor’s day at work was like. You can hear their every footstep and the click of their glasses and this can be irritating over the long run.

You might want to have some quiet and want to soundproof your walls, ceilings, and floors. Fortunately, you can always add thicker insulation to dampen the sounds coming from different places of your apartment.

But if you don’t have the budget for the insulation materials yet, (Don’t worry! They are affordable and easy to install), you can instead use furniture and other elements that are already present in your home. Here are some techniques to get you started in blocking off all the noises that are coming from the outside.

Tips for Blocking Noises

Invest in Thicker Carpets and Rugs

The sounds outside can bounce off when you have thicker carpets installed on the floors. You can get a rug that is large enough to cover an area of your home if you find that the sounds are coming from specifically from this place.

A quality underpad on the floor will also help you block the sounds inside. When you sit on a chair, you can prevent any unnecessary creaking when the furniture shifts slightly. You can also consider installing some area rugs that will not only help with sound absorption, they will also make your room more beautiful and stylish.

Room with Heavy Curtains

Use Heavy Curtains to Help Soundproof

Hang Heavy Curtains

If you currently have window shutters, you can consider removing them and replace them with heavy draperies. There are premium blackout curtains that can prevent you from hearing unnecessary noises such as barking dogs, kids crying, and cars zooming outside. You can get curtains with sound deadening material that is made of velvet or microfiber polyester for better soundproofing.

These window hangings are very useful in absorbing vibrations coming from the outside. The heavy fabrics with pleated styles can double the sound reduction effect especially when you compare these to those hangings that are made up of linen. Another benefit that you can get from curtains is that they can match your home décor because you can choose from a wide range of styles and colors.

Push Bookshelves on Walls

If you have books sitting and gathering dust in your attic, you might want to clean them up and stack them on bookshelves. Push a large bookcase against a wall where you can usually hear your neighbor’s talk loud and clear. The larger the shelf, the better.

Fill it up with large stacks of textbooks, novels, and magazines. You will not only decorate your room and make good books accessible; the pressed pages are also effective in stopping sounds. While some people love open spaces inside their rooms, the bookcases can act as funnels for sounds that come from the outside. Read more about making bookcases here:

Get Soft Furnishings

For some people, hard furnishings will never go out of style in their homes. Some examples of these are tables, beds, and more. But they can replace their chairs with the soft upholstered ones that can prevent noise. Benches with foams are great places where one can rest because they can reduce noise that is coming from the outside. With soft furnishings, you can get the benefit of sleeping well, avoiding accidents from sharp corners, and sound reduction at little to no extra cost on your part.

Decorate Room with Tapestries and Hangings

If you find your wall to be a blank space, you can decorate it with paintings, pictures, portraits, and a lot more. These tapestries and decorative quilts will do the trick of ricocheting the sounds and preventing them from reaching your ears. They can help in absorbing vibrations from the other side of the wall. What others do is they invest in insulation materials, get the wall layered up, and add the paintings and tapestries as extra absorbers.

Wall hangings are great ways to add color to your room while blocking off unwanted sounds at the same time. There are felt wall art that you can create in your spare time to dampen the sounds. Some may not have the time to awaken their creative streaks and might try to buy existing artwork. If you are one of them, you should attach a small piece of foam at the back to add an extra layer to the wall.


Try Re-Arranging Your Room

Rearrange Everything

If you have tried everything and you can still hear your neighbor’s chatter from the other side of the wall, you can rearrange your furniture around. You can place the television on the wall where the loud voices of your neighbors can be heard. The TV can act as white noise which can benefit you.

If you have a bedroom where you want to drown out the sounds of your brother’s guitar strums, you can place your bed as far away as possible from where the noise is coming from. Swapping some furniture around may be a small thing, but they can significantly impact the way you rest and sleep at night.

A Final Word

There are a lot of other things that you can do to soundproof your home. You can talk to the pros who can install premium quality materials so that you won’t hear outside noises for good. But if you are on a tight budget, for now, you can try the above tips and see if they work for you. Another thing that you can try is to talk to your neighbor and make them do the same thing so that all of you can get the peace that you want in each of your own homes.[

Money-Saving Tips for Families

When you are raising a family, you will already be familiar with the impact it has on your finances. Research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that each child of an average middle-income family has around $12,980 spent on them each year. When you see this figure in black and white, it’s easy to understand why families are feeling the squeeze. – it’s 40% up from ten years ago. Ouch.

If you regularly get to the end of the month and seeing an empty bank account, you will be keen to know how you can save money. However, and this is the frustrating part, most of the advice you will have come across requires a serious lifestyle overhaul; but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Read on to find out how you can save money without having to lose the family vacation or the small luxuries that you enjoy.

Make wise leisure decisions.

The proverb all ‘work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is so relevant when you are raising a family and trying to save money. It’s exhausting and relentlessly hard work; you need to be able to switch off occasionally to avoid burnout.

You don’t have to sacrifice leisure activities, romantic dinners out, or me-time while you are saving money. You just need to be savvy about the choices you make. There are some great savings to be with a Groupon promo code for those special occasions.

Plan meals

You will have heard this a hundred times, but have you started doing it? Planning meals a week in advance not only means that you cut down on take-outs and fast foods, but you save money (and eat fewer calories!).

Be strategic with your meal planning. If you are cooking chicken on Monday, save the left-over carcass and any vegetables to make a soup for Tuesday. There is little to no waste, and you get two meals for the price of one.

Shop with intent

Shopping with intent means knowing precisely what you need to buy. Having planned your meals, you already know what purchases you need to make. Writing a shopping list stops any impulsive purchases being added to your cart.

It’s worth investing time to make sure that your shopping list has groceries for the week. Every time you go to a store to get a forgotten item, you risk overspending. That forgotten loaf can escalate!

If you can, try to shop without the children with you. Pester power is real, and another way that you can accidentally spend more money than you intend to. If childcare is an issue, consider shopping online for your groceries. Online shopping is a great way to keep control of your grocery budget.

Saving money while you are raising a family doesn’t have to make you (or them) feel deprived. Research and planning are essential for money-saving. Whether you are planning meals for the week, preparing a list of groceries to buy, or deciding where to go for a meal out, approach all the same and ask yourself, ‘how can I make money stretch further?’

Household Dangers That Can Have a Detrimental Effect on the Health of Your Family

If you think that effectively baby-proofing every nook and cranny, and keeping the kids out of the kitchen when the oven is on, is enough to protect your family, think again. Often, there are a number of other potential dangers lurking inside the home, many of which we will only be made aware of when the problem has become severe enough to affect our family’s health. Below is a breakdown of these potential household dangers, what to watch out for, and how to get rid of them before they can cause any harm.


Pests can exist in the form of rodents, insects, and other creatures that can cause damage to the home and your possessions. Often, pests are relatively harmless, to begin with, but they tend to breed and spread rapidly until there are hundreds of them leaving behind waste, dirt, and other unhealthy evidence for you to find. Some signs that your home may be the victim of a pest infestation include:

  • Strange noises: Pests like rodents tend to scurry around in the attic at night. They are also likely to leave behind tiny scratch marks on the floorboards if your attic flooring is made out of wood.
  • Unpleasant odors: What goes in, must come out, and what comes out is sure to wind up inside your home if this is where the pests have chosen to reside. Most pests will leave droppings on the floor and in the corners of the attic, as well as noticeable dribbles of urine all over the place. This is the dangerous part and how diseases can be spread to your family if the problem is not dealt with quickly.
  • Damage to your property: All sorts of pests will cause damage to your possessions and your property. This may include gnaw marks on your furniture or holes in your clothes. Luckily, if you contact an expert company like Attic Projects, which specializes in attic services in Seattle, the pest infestation will be resolved and cleared up in no time at all.


Mold releases spores into the air, which can aggravate already-existing breathing conditions, such as asthma, for your loved ones. If the mold is particularly severe, it can even cause new lung conditions to develop altogether! Mold tends to grow in warm, humid environments and, like pests, tends to spread relatively quickly. If the mold is growing in an area of your home that you do not access on a regular basis, then the problem is certain to get worse without you even realizing it, and it is then that the health effects come into play. This is why it is essential to have your property inspected for mold by a professional at least once per year.

When it comes to these household dangers, prevention is key. As long as you keep the home clean, ensure there is adequate ventilation, and call in the experts frequently, you will be able to enjoy total peace of mind. Here’s to a happy, healthy household!