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How To Choose and Use The Safest Trampolines for Teens

Trampoline“No, mum, I don’t want to tell you how my day was”. “Leave me alone, dad, and shut the door on your way out. And, oh, next time, KNOCK”. Teens, huh? Sometimes you just cannot get them to leave their room, let alone talk to you. And don’t even get me started on fun family activities. Have you tried using the magic words yet?

“We are getting a trampoline!” Just say it and watch the magic work. Who says no to that? Whether you are trying to make your teenagers step away from their phones and computers and become more active, or you simply want to surprise them with some fun in their own backyard, you cannot go wrong with this.

Would you just look at that? You’ve turned that frown upside down. As you watch your child’s eyes widen and their lips curl into the most genuine smile, you suddenly realize that, for some reason, your own excitement is fading. Instead, fear is kicking in. “Oh, boy, what have I done? What if they break a bone or something?”

Safety First

Your primary responsibility as a parent is to keep your children safe. But, now, the activity you offered strikes you as rather dangerous. Don’t worry. Another one of your primary responsibilities as a parent is to exaggerate a bit. So that must be what you are doing here.

The minute you mentioned this, it has become a promise. And now you cannot back down. Still, overreacting or not, when buying a trampoline, it’s best to stay on the safe side. And right now, you’re not even sure you have the right side in your yard for equipment like this. Find out here.

Well, now that the deed is done, you might as well start researching. Your teen is already impatient, waiting for the fun to arrive, while you haven’t even ordered it yet. Before you do, though, you should learn how to choose the safest one. Who’s going to think about safety, if not you? A bouncing teenager? Yeah, right.


Trampoline Padding

You are already picturing your child banging their head on the frame, or twisting their ankle on the edge? Hey, you are absolutely right, who knows what might happen. In any case, if there is a way to prevent injuries like these, you should definitely take it into consideration.

Luckily, you do not have to come up with your own home-made devices to soften the blow of trampolines. Simply cushion the metal frames and springs with safety pads and eliminate the risk of your child hitting them if they fall. Furthermore, in order to define the edge more clearly, make sure to use a contrasting color for the pads in regard to the mat.


So, we have covered the frame and the springs. But, what if you see your kid jump up and down uncontrollably, seemingly unable to end the frenzy? It looks like they are just about to start flying. Now you are thinking – “Oh, God, the only way they’ll stop is if they bounce off and hit the ground”.

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution for this problem as well. When choosing the safest trampoline for teenagers, you absolutely want to add a high enough net – the bigger the child, the higher the net should be. This way, you won’t have to fear for them jumping over and hurting themselves. You can check different options here And here’s a useful tip for a parent, in order not to complicate your cleaning routine, make sure not to extend the net to the space under the trampoline.



Trampoline on grass

When thinking of the best spot to place your trampoline, concrete should not be your first thought. Soft grass is the perfect choice. However, you might not have soft grass in your backyard. And there it is, another accident hazard.

Of course, this one can be avoided to. After you have installed your trampoline on an even ground, it’s time to line the ground around it. Surround it with sand, wood chips or any material commonly used on playgrounds. This way, should it ever happen that someone bounces off, they will have something soft to land on.

Time to Jump

Now that you have covered all the necessary steps to ensure that the trampoline and its surroundings are an accident-free zone, it’s time to let your children jump. Nevertheless, you should teach them how to do this properly. After all, from the moment they step on it, there’s nothing much you can do but watch.

First of all, check that the mat is in good condition and make sure there are no objects underneath the trampoline. Next, tell your offspring to land in the center and refrain from dangerous stunts. And the most important thing to remember is that there should never be more than one person inside.